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Poster: craven714 Date: Jul 8, 2012 8:13am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Furthur

what? no set list already?
soo glad to hear :))))))))
good you stayed crack free as well...

we expect a full report from you ya know ;)
stupid Q time: was this your first uh, ....time?

been arrested in cherry hill, pennsauken, merchantville many times. And of course, robbed (by a cop, no kiddin),
and beaten (not by cop) in philly a few times too.
I mean lived....lived. What did I say? I meant lived in.....

philly~ where everyday is trash day. it just never gets
picked up. I kid. that is one hell of a (fish) town;feature=relmfu

Happy Bday too apparently? am I missing something?
maybe after some fluids and an advil...
and some cereal and milk;feature=related

edit~ this one is better:;feature=related

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Poster: ringolevio Date: Jul 8, 2012 6:26pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Furthur

Spoken like a true fluffyan ... certainly no doubting your authenticity if you've been roughed up by Philly's finest ... when did you live here and did you really live in Fishtown?

As for a full report, I am not so great at saying anything profound about the music. Pretty much everything was great, with the exception of Dear Prudence, which actually they did a nice enough job, but IMO Bob cannot sing it, and apparently no one wants to tell him. And, I found My Brother Esau to be a good time to get in the 6-mile line in the women's bathroom, which was a very, very hot nasty place. Otherwise ... loved every minute. I did not expect to. The heat hovered around 100 degrees, and I expected to lie on my blanket with a cold cloth on my head and perhaps some of the music would be pleasant. Instead, it was a smashing great show from start to finish. Light years better than the other two Furthur shows I've seen (you were asking - I've now seen them the past 3 summers in Philly. Or if you meant GD, I saw them a handful of times in the early 80's and once in 1990.

I think GDTRFB was probably the highlight for me, but they were really "on" from the opening jam. A beautiful Peggy-O. A rockin' Deal. Saint Stephen - they did this in 2010 and it was lackluster, last night it was totally wild. China Rider was fantastic. The Wheel was lovely. Unbroken Chain was lovely (second time I've heard that). Hubby (a blues fan) dug Caution, and it was definitely a great rendition. See I am not saying anything other than wow, but we had a great time. Security was much more relaxed - breezed right in, nothing like the hostile sweaty patdown last year. Weather completely sucked but you can't have everything. I guess I was hoping for a more sentimental encore like Brokedown or Ripple or (as the folks around me were hollering) maybe Sugar Magnolia, but Bob really likes his (one more) Saturday Night, ok Bob!

Yes, managed it all without crack cocaine, but I'm starting to look forward to getting mildly high once a year from the contact smoke at this event ...

Phil Lesh and Bob Weir are national treasures. Rest of the band's pretty hot, too.

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Poster: craven714 Date: Jul 12, 2012 3:59pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Furthur

Ok, sry if seemingly rude. I just wanted to let this thread
get 'buried' a little more before responding. I know its out there but only after a look-see.

Anyhoo, yes, lived in I guess you could say the Cherry Hill
area from Xmas day 1993 til late 1998ish.
I do remember a $600 electric bill due to the blizzard
that 1st year. Twas a nice welcome. Some 5 crazy years.
I could tell you dozens of stories... interesting stories.

so NO technically on the 'living in Fishtown'. It was right
there, and visited often. I am proud to know the difference
between Genos and Pats, and to know the goods and bads of
the city. I still have dreams about it. Penns Landing
singer/songwriter weekend? Oh, hell yes.
Jazz brunches on Sunday? mmm.mmm.mmm. Bucks County
got to be some of the most beautiful scenery in the USA.
Turned out like Boulder, CO kinda when I was there. Really
cool land, with really snobby/trendy people. Indy hall,
Rockys art museum steps, just alllllllllll that history.
Oh and 500 different ways to get from one place to another.
OH OH oH! and the diners!!! GOD how I miss them, oh...
And I know Im missing so much.

wow. blast from the past. I love that area from Gettysburg
to King of Prussia (I think??) Big ass mall..? Yeah, good
place you live. I assume your a big Phillys fan. And
Eagles, and Devils?
The girl I dated was from Haddon Heights/that area. Her
fam went way back there. Learned about the barren woods
Devil (or whatever the legend was) and got out to the
jersy shore a few times. You know all that good stuff.
But like one of the other posters said it was the South
Street in the 90s time, So Im sure it was slanted.

Increadible city for drugs too. The only time I saw a guy
shoot up H from a bottle cap in my moving car. And the cop
thing: I was buying some rock in Camden, in a burned out
POS of what used to be a crack house. A cop flew right
up and slammed on the brakes. The dealer took off. Im glad
I didnt follow him, even though he knew where to go.
Iended up face down in broken glass and piss with a cop
with freak Dirty Harry gun pointed right at my head. He
said, "where is it?". I point, he took it, got in his
patrol car and sped off. So naturally, I just went to
another spot right after that.
So this is why I wanted to bury this a little.

I am so glad you got to see the boys again. I think I am
right around 3 times myself. Kinda irks me when the folks
at a GD site dis whats left. I say F-em. Keep on truckin!
Its great to see the younger gen take the torch too.
most of he ones Ive seen are FAR better than some of the
the ones Ive seen are FAR better than some of the
Touchheads Ive wittnessed. Ya know? And the smoke, ahh the

I listened to some of the show. The opening Truckin sounds
like its 105. Good show though from the first set Ive
heard, even the Bro Esau. I love that song, but can understand the perfect b-room break song :) Esp 6 miles
long. It cracks me up when the girls barge into the guys
room and use the urnials at shows. I say more power to ya.

So the
has come on. I appreciate your
input in this mess of a forum. You have consistantly good
posts and responses. Wish i did. See ya around.
im off to listen to the second set.

This was my 4th of july show a couple years ago here.
the sound sucks, but you get the scope. un freakin real.
The boys totally played LIT to the fireworks. Ending on
the end of the end. Magical:
King Salomon's Marbles´╗┐ ~> Let it Grow...;feature=related

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Poster: micah6vs8 Date: Jul 8, 2012 2:19pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Furthur

> philly~ where everyday is trash day. haha

from been arrested to fish town is gold.